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Buffer’s Out

Buffer’s Out published on No Comments on Buffer’s Out

I’m out of buffer, and it’s probably going to be a while ’til I can update again, because I need to get my ass paid, and I don’t think Oscar’s a good bet for that.

Frankly web comics have never worked out for me, so I’m probably just going to leave this as a preview after the cliffhanger, finish the book one my own time, and either find a publisher, or do that crowdfunding thing all the kids are talking about these days.

I have a buffer again!

I have a buffer again! published on No Comments on I have a buffer again!

I’ve always had the pages, I’ve just been so busy dealing with life and whoring for paying work that I haven’t had time to put them up.

Anyway, I’ve now got Monday updates ’til early November, and more pages still to add. Meanwhile on the production front I’m pushing forward into part IV. With fewer than 50 pages left in the story, completion for Oscar’s Kitchen looms.

Wicked Depressed; Hiatus

Wicked Depressed; Hiatus published on 2 Comments on Wicked Depressed; Hiatus

I’m having a rough year. To the point where even though I have another 20 pages or so of buffer , I can’t really find the energy to post them. And drawing the last sixty or so pages of the story is out of the question, right now — I’m not gonna spoil anything, but there’s some stuff coming up that’s going to be very hard for me to write.

So, I’m suspending the update of the web version for an unspecified amount of time. Feel free to check out my Deviantart, though, because I’m depressed, that’s mostly pony fan art, right now.

Oscar will get done. One of the things I am, besides depressive, is obsessive. But I’m not gonna force it. It’ll be ready when its ready.


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